Vision Statement

The College of Micronesia-FSM will assist the citizens of the Federated States of Micronesia to be well-educated, prosperous, globally-connected, accountable, healthy and live in harmony with the environment and the world community.

Mission Statement

Historically diverse, uniquely Micronesian and globally connected, the College of Micronesia-FSM is a continuously improving and student centered institute of higher education. The college is committed to assisting in the developing of the nation by providing academic, career and technical educational opportunity for learners in the Federated States of Micronesia.

Values Statement

In order for us to achieve our Vision, Mission, and Goals we agree to uphold the following core values and behaviors. We value:
  1. Learner-centeredness - Learners are our primary focus and we provide quality instruction and services in a nurturing and safe environment.
  2. Professional behavior - We are competent, service-oriented professionals with a commitment to life-long learning and a commitment to provide excellent and exemplary service to students, colleagues and the community.
  3. Innovation - We provide a dynamic, creative, up-to-date, and innovative environment to allow the college community to function effectively in a global economy.
  4. Honesty and Ethical Behavior- We are honest and abide by the COM-FSM Code of Ethics in all our personal and professional interactions to create and maintain trust and unity among ourselves and with our community.
  5. Commitment and Hard Work - We commit and invest our time, energy and resources to create a rigorous, high quality learning environment.
  6. Teamwork - We live in a community where collaboration, open-mindedness, respect and support for each other help us achieve our mission.
  7. Accountability - We are responsible for and accountable in our daily activities to our partners and the community we serve. We comply with all applicable regulations and use our resources efficiently and effectively to maintain a high level of trust and confidence.


The College of Micronesia-FSM, through a continuous assessment and review process, will continuously improve to meet or exceed current accreditation standards and will:
  1. Promote learning and teaching for knowledge, skills, creativity, intellect, and the abilities to analyze new information and communicate effectively.
  2. Provide support for student success and satisfaction.
  3. Have sufficient and well-managed fiscal resources that allows for financial independence.
  4. Foster effective communication.
  5. Invest in sufficient, qualified, and effective human resources.
  6. Create an adequate, healthy and functional learning and working environment.
  7. Build a partnering and service network for student success, and workforce and economic development.
  8. Promote the uniqueness of our community, cultivate respect for individual differences, and champion diversity.

Goal one: Promote learning and teaching for knowledge, skills, creativity, intellect, and the abilities to analyze new information and communicate effectively.

iSLO#iSLO Categoryinstitutional Student Learning Outcome: Students will be able to...
1knowledge define, describe, demonstrate, and explain knowledge within a field of study.
2skills apply, use, perform, exhibit, and demonstrate skills required of a particular career or field of endeavor.
3creativity plan, design, develop, seek, find, synthesize, and create solutions, strategies, documents, and products.
4intellect exhibit the capacity for independent thought and critical thinking.
5communicationcommunicate effectively through writing, speaking, performing, exhibiting, or other forms of expression.
6analysis acquire, interpret, analyze, assess, and evaluate information.

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