SC 202 Weather and Climate

Course Information altocumulus standing lenticularis, lenticular cloud

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What should be in the country report?
Country Report Example

International Weather by Country
United States Weather

Cloud Types

Cloud Types at Weather World 2010 Project
Cloud types photographed in Palikir
Mountain wave cloud over Palikir
Rain gust front
Monthly rainfall averages

Rain on Pohnpei

Rain on Pohnpei


The colors of the rainbow
Morning rainbow in Palikir
4:00 rainbow in Palikir
Triple rainbow
Halloween rainbow: full double bow
08 August 2008


Thermal Structure of the Atmosphere

NASA atmosphere article
Britannica article



Typhoon Nanmadol information for SC 098 Yap Fall 2004

Tropical depression
Definition and Growth
Stages of Development
Structure of a Hurricane

El Niño

El Niño
ENSO Applications Center
Location of current ENSO updates for Pacific
Spring 2000 Update

Report for sea level rise study of 1994

Kosrae Temperature and Precipitation (Rainfall)

Local Languages

Cloud Rain Rainbow Lightning Thunder Rolling Thunder
Kosrae puhkuhnyeng afi lelah kem sarom pulahl fohru
Mwoakilloa koasoau wid yaya jourom palar jouruhr
Pingelap depwek simwinamwin lioal perar seuruhr
Pohnpei depwek kotou
ahia lioal nansapwe
Chuuk kuchu, kuchuu raan resim, resimw, aunior, ainier inefi, fifi kopunap, chopwunap, chopulap, pach monung, chopulap anuweneu, mënun
Yap, Outer Islands langmal, langmaliu laiuliyare werwer pach par
Yap magu leng ragiim uluch diraa' diraa' ni gaa'