Wave Cloud

Strong easterly winds created a standing wave cloud off of the ridge to the East of Campus on 28 January 2000.  The wave cloud was first imaged around 1615:

wave01.jpg (14088 bytes)

The wave cloud was still extant at 1645.  The images below were taken sequentially from left to right.  The skies were not as dark as the images suggest, the images were photographically equalized to reveal more structure.

wave02left.jpg (15050 bytes)wave02right.jpg (13752 bytes)

A tattered second order crest cloud was located over the West side of the campus, just downwind of the first order.  This cloud gave indications of pileus-like banner cloud at its top.  The top was apparently being sheared by the stronger winds aloft.   The left image below was not equalized.

shear01.jpg (8854 bytes)sheardetail.jpg (9985 bytes)

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