Date Day Event Pts %
17-Jan-00 Monday First Day
19-Jan-00 Wednesday Cloud types in Palikir
Cumulonimbus in Palikir
Rainbows in Palikir
Rain Gust Front
Wave cloud
Global cloud distribution
21-Jan-00 Friday QQ1 5 1%
24-Jan-00 Monday
26-Jan-00 Wednesday Thermal Structure of the Atmosphere ELR
NASA atmosphere article
Britannica article
28-Jan-00 Friday QQ2 5 1%
31-Jan-00 Monday Insolation
02-Feb-00 Wednesday Albedo, notes on insolation
04-Feb-00 Friday Test One 40 12%
07-Feb-00 Monday Pressure and temperature
09-Feb-00 Wednesday DALR/SALR
11-Feb-00 Friday QQ3 WXR
Severe storms introduction
Single Cell Cb storm
5 1%
14-Feb-00 Monday Multicell cell Cb storm, orographic rain
16-Feb-00 Wednesday Supercells, flash floods
18-Feb-00 Friday QQ4 WXR 5 1%
21-Feb-00 Monday Country report due
Example country report
20 6%
23-Feb-00 Wednesday Lightning
25-Feb-00 Friday QQ5 WXR Tornadoes
2010 Tornado site
SWIRL site
USA Today
5 1%
28-Feb-00 Monday Tornado Video
01-Mar-00 Wednesday Coverage of terminology of tornado video, counter clockwise circulation around low pressure systems. 10 3%
03-Mar-00 Friday Midterm examination 60 18%
06-Mar-00 Monday
08-Mar-00 Wednesday
10-Mar-00 Friday QQ6 WXR 5 1%
13-Mar-00 Monday ITCZ
15-Mar-00 Wednesday Surface analysis of the North Pacific.
17-Mar-00 Friday Staff Development Day: No class 5 1%
20-Mar-00 Monday Relative humidity, Rossby waves
22-Mar-00 Wednesday Visit to weather station, Typhoons I
Tropical depression
24-Mar-00 Friday Test Two 40 12%
25-Mar-00 Saturday Endowment fund walk
27-Mar-00 Monday LDTWWW Reviewed Test Two
29-Mar-00 Wednesday Typhoons: Definition and Growth
Stages of Development
Structure of a Hurricane
31-Mar-00 Friday Holiday: Culture Day
03-Apr-00 Monday Typhoons
05-Apr-00 Wednesday El Niño
ENSO Applications Center
Location of current ENSO updates for Pacific
Spring 2000 Update
07-Apr-00 Friday QQ8 WXR 5 1%
10-Apr-00 Monday Intro
12-Apr-00 Wednesday
14-Apr-00 Friday QQ9 WXR 5 1%
17-Apr-00 Monday
19-Apr-00 Wednesday Easter Break
21-Apr-00 Friday Good Friday
24-Apr-00 Monday Biomes
Britannica climate map
World weather and climate guide
26-Apr-00 Wednesday Global warming
28-Apr-00 Friday QQ10 WXR 5 1%
01-May-00 Monday Climate Classifications: An introduction 20 6%
03-May-00 Wednesday Köppen climate types
Köppen Climate Map at FAO FAO Type List
A map B map C Map D Map E Map
05-May-00 Friday QQ11 WXR 5 1%
08-May-00 Monday
10-May-00 Wednesday FSM Constitution Day
12-May-00 Friday Last Day of Classes
15-May-00 Monday (Homework - variable) 10 3%
17-May-00 Wednesday Final Exam 10:05 80 24%
19-May-00 Friday
22-May-00 Monday
24-May-00 Wednesday
26-May-00 Friday Graduation
335 100%

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