Quickie Quiz 3

  1. What is the numerical value of the Dry "Air" (Adiabatic) Lapse Rate in degrees Celsius per kilometer of rise in altitude?
  2. If an empty glass is chilled in the refridgerator and then taken out of the refridgerator here on Pohnpei, will water appear on the cold glass?
  3. A parcel of air at 30C rises 1 km above the ground, cooling at the Dry Air Lapse Rate.   What is the temperature of the parcel of air at 1 km above the ground?
  4. The same parcel as in question 4 saturates at that 1 km point above the ground, producing a cloud, and continues to rise to a height of 3 km above the ground, cooling now at the Saturated Air Lapse Rate.  What is the final temperature of the air parcel at 3 km above the ground?
  5. Draw a sketch of the airflow patterns inside a cumulonimbus cloud.  Be sure to include the major airflows and the direction of travel of the cumulonimbus cloud.

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