Quickie Quiz 8

  1. Are droughts in Micronesia associated with El Niņo or La Niņa events?

    advfig1.gif (16089 bytes)

  2. What is the direct cause of the movement of warm water from the western Pacific to the eastern Pacific just prior to the onset of an El Niņo event?

  3. During a La Niņa are the islands of Pohnpei and Kosrae at a low or high risk of experiencing typhoon weather conditions?

  4. What sort of weather does El Niņo bring to Southern California and Peru?

  5. Suppose sea surface temperature anomalies show colder than normal conditions across the central and eastern Pacific (as in the uppermost image in the image set on this page). Would this be classified as La Niņa or El Niņo conditions in the Pacific?

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