1. What is the Gaia hypothesis?  (Write your answer on the BACK).
2. Which of the following is NOT a result of global warming?
    a.  Rising sea levels
    b.  Record high temperatures
    c.  An increase in the rates of skin cancer caused by UVB
    d.  Melting polar ice
    e.  The spread of malaria
3. What climate group does the picture from Scandinavia represent?
4. What climate group does the picture from Pohnpei represent?
taiga.jpg (8827 bytes) marinerainy.jpg (29792 bytes)
Scandinavia                          Pohnpei
5. What climate group does the picture from California represent?


Lower temp

EF Tundra H Highlands
ET Taiga
Temperate Arid & BSk Semi-Arid D Humid Continental Cool Summer Marine Temperate
C Humid Continental Warm Summer
Csa Dry summer subtropical: Mediterrean climate
BWh Tropical Arid Tropical Semi Arid Aw Wet and Dry Tropics Am Monsoon Tropics Af Rainy Tropics Marine Rainy Tropics
Less Rain   More Rain

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