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Data/Information Request Form

Date: 10/27/2005

Data/Information requested: Data for the annual program evaluation as specified in the curriculum handbook.


The following is typical of the type of data needed and some sample data from 2005 as examples. Note that while the following uses marine science examples, the actual queries should produce data for each and every program. Each division will need the same type of information. The database contains queries to generate this data. Note too that the data is for a fall-spring pair of terms so as to match the fiscal year more closely.

  1. Program enrollment:
    Marine science program enrollment
    Fall 04Spring 05Summer 05
  2. Graduation rate:
  3. Average class size:
    Average students per section fall 04 and spring 05 national site
    CourseStudents per section
    MR 120 Marine Biology w/lab13
    MR 201 Aquaculture w/lab7
    MR 210 Marine Ecology7
    MR 230 Ichthyology w/lab12
    MR 240 Oceanography w/lab12
    MR 250 Fishery Biology and Management6
    MR 254 Marine Biology Field Studies3
    MS 150 Statistics28
    SC 230 Chemistry w/lab23
  4. Student's seat cost: Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics fall 2004 and spring 2005. Note that budget structures do not provide for costs per seat at a single course level.
    Student seat cost calculations
    Student seatsCreditsFY 2005 budgetSeat cost
  5. Course completion rate for the program:
    Course completion rate fall 2004 and spring 2005
    CoursePercent D or betterPercent C or better
    MR 12062%38%
    MR 201100%43%
    MR 21086%71%
    MR 230100%92%
    MR 24092%42%
    MR 25067%33%
    MR 252100%100%
    MR 25433%33%
    MS 15090%78%
    SC 23080%72%
  6. Student's satisfaction rate: [Indicator yet to be defined.]
  7. Employment data: [Source and responsibility for obtaining not yet determined in 2005]
  8. Transfer rate: [Source and responsibility for obtaining not yet determined in 2005]

Department/Office/Person requesting above data/information:

Purpose:Determining program health indicators in program evaluation annual report.

Date needed by: 10/27/2005


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