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Pohnpei from the barrier reef

Note: This page is a work in progress and is by no means anywhere near being complete. Any suggestions and comments should be directed towards brianl@comfsm.fm

-Thanks for your patience....Brian Lynch (Marine Science Instructor)COM

Most of the images seen in this page have been taken in association with one of my marine science courses that I've taught in the past. I'm currently teaching Introduction to Aquaculture and Marine Biology. In past semesters, I've also taught Oceanography, Ichthyology, Zoology, and Environmental Studies.

Some of the pictures are from Chuuk State FSM where I served for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

This semester I will be teaching both Marine Biology (MR120) and Zoology (SC255). In both of these courses, I will be working with students to further develope a virtual specimen collection. As the semester progresses, digital images will capture the unique reef organisms of Pohnpei. Students will to their best to completely identify organisms, but it is not always possible for us to identify the genera and or species of many of the specimens we obtain.

Besides teaching at the College of Micronesia, I have also been involved in research of the tropical streams of Pohnpei. Click here to check out these research activities.


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