This is Sicyopterus lividus, an endemic goby found in the streams of Pohnpei.

Phylum Porifera

Phylum Cnidaria

Phylum Mollusca

Phylum Annelida

Phylum Arthropoda

Phylum Echinodermata

Phylum Chordata





SC 255

Spring 2001

Instructor: Brian Lynch brianl@comfsm.fm

Office Hours: M, W, F (10-11)

Class Hours: M, W, F, (11-12)

Lab Hours: Tuesday (2-5)

Description: This course provides a general survey of the basic principles of animal biology with an emphasis on the invertebrate and vertebrate groups, classifications, structure, physiology, life histories, ecology, and evolution.

Grading Policy: A 90%-100%

B 80%-89%

C 70%-79%

D 60%-69%

F 59% or less

Grades will be based on 4 tests, text and internet homework assignments, lecture quizzes, midterm exam and a final exam.

Approximate Grading Design

Tests 400 points

Homework 100 points

Quizzes 100 points

Midterm exam 50 points

Final Exam 200 points

Attendance: Students are expected to attend all lectures, labs, and tests. Upon acquisition of a seventh absence, the student will be withdrawn from the course.

Required Text: Miller/Harley, Zoology

Tentative Course Schedule:

Week 1 Zoology, Cell biology, and Organ Systems

Week 2 Energy, Enzymes, and Cell Division

Week 3 Evolution and Inheritance

Week 4 Population and Community Ecology

Week 5 Taxonomy, Systematics, Classification

Week 6 Kingdom Protista, Kingdom Metazoa

Week 7 Phylum Porifera

Week 8 Phylum Cnidaria

Week 9 Phyla Platyhelminthes and Nemertea

Week 10 Phyla Nematoda, Mollusca

Week 11 Phylum Annelida

Week 12 Phylum Arthropoda

Week 13 Phyla Echinodermata,

Week 14 Invertebrate Chordates

Week 15 Phylum Chordata

Week 16 Phylum Chordata