me in Pohnpei...just waiting for the boat


The above picture is Sicyopterus lividus, an endemic, amphihydromous goby found in the moutain streams of Pohnpei. Below is a picture of me collecting goby specimens. Dylan Kesler (a grad student from Oregon State) is taking a GPS reading of the site.


undescribed Lentipes species

This is an undescribed goby species from the Genus Lentipes collected from the Nanpil River in Pohnpei.

The headwater streams of Pohnpei offer a unique opportunity to reseach stream ecology. Due to geographic isolation, there are few trophic levels to complicate the understanding of species interactions. The macrofauna of these streams consists of amphihydromous gobies, freshwater eels (Anguilla marmorata), a few snails, and several shrimp species including 2 from the Genus Macrobrachium (see below).

Macrobrachium shrimp

Anguilla marmorata

This is a flagtail, common to lower reaches of streams

in Micronesia, but unable to climb above waterfalls. Below, I'm standing at the base of one of many falls on the Nanpil River. Click here to see my current graduate research plans.

this is me at the base of a large waterfall on the Nanpil River in Pohnpei


This is a large, endemic goby from Pohnpei. (Sicyopterus eudentatus)