SC 130 Physical Science spring 2010

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General course files

Spring 2010 calender and syllabus.odsGeneric syllabus and calendar in text

Assessment spring 2010
General education program laboratory science outcome assessment rubric

Access to material from other terms

Lab write-up format sample (odt)
Jump rope lab sample in xhtml

Notes on durable for life email addresses

Images from the class

Activities, laboratories, and evaluations in chronologic order

Course introduction: Space, time, and matter

Space, time, and matter. The rest is energy.
Blog on space, time, and matter

Quiz 01 Space, Time, Matter

Unit one: standard measures of space, time and matter

011 Measuring space, time and matter: Getting to know your personal measurements

012 Laboratory one: Speaking on a soap box
012 Lab 01 feedback notes
013 rubric
Lab 01 photos
  Making XY graphs in OpenOffice 2.4 and 3.0 [T?]
  Making XY graphs in Excel [T?]

Quiz 02 Fundamental measures, BMI, volume, density

Unit two: linear motion

Monday: RipStik velocity [first tab]
021 Measuring motion: What is your velocity?
RipStik linear velocity blog article

022 Laboratory two: Linear motion A rolling ball gathers no moss
022 spring 2010 lab data spreadsheet
023 rubric
022 lab report feedback notes
Lab 02 photos

Quiz 03 linear motion

Unit three: accelerated motion

Monday: RipStik acceleration [second tab]
Blog coverage of RipStik acceleration

031 Parabolic path: The arc of a sphere
031 Ball arc data

032 Laboratory three: accelerated motion Dropping the ball on the job
033 rubric
Lab 03 data
Lab 03 Photos

Test 01 measurement and motion

Unit four: kinetic energy and linear momentum

Monday: The KE and GPE demonstration with a RipStik
041 Conservation of energy: Banana leaf marble ramp
041 data
Marbles do work better than Hot Wheels cars
042 Lab 04: Momentum Loosing your marbles
043 rubric
Laboratory data
Lab 04 Photos

Quiz 04 Mathematical models and momentum

Unit five: Forces and Newton's law

051 Forces
Force required to accelerate a RipStik [Wed HW]
The Book of Phyz by Dean Baird

056 Lab 05 Hooke's Law
056 data
Lab 05 Photos

Quiz 05 Newton's laws

Unit six: heat

061 Introduction to temperature: boiling and melting
062 Laboratory six: heat conduction If you cannot take the heat, get a non-conductor
063 rubric
Sample data
Images from laboratory six: heat conduction

Optional interstitial activity [Can occur at any point in term]

061 Air pressure activities

Unit seven: Latitude and Longitude

071 Hide and seek activity
072 Laboratory seven: Changes in latitude, longitude, and the metric system Walking the line - of latitude [T]
073 rubric
Images from laboratory seven fall 2009

Test two midterm

Unit eight: Clouds

081 Relative humidity and precipitation
082 Laboratory eight: Clouds The stuff of which dreams are made
Images from laboratory eight
083 rubric

084 Quiz 06 Latitude, longitude, weather, clouds

Unit nine: Sound

Monday wave pre-organizer: RipStik Sine Wave
091 Waves on a chain
092 Laboratory nine: Sound. Mach one: the speed of sound
093 rubric
Student lab data
Images from laboratory nine

094 Quiz 07 Applied Bernoulli and Waves
RipStik wave quiz set-up and result images

Unit ten: Optics

101 Lenses
102 Laboratory ten: reflection and refraction Mirror, mirror on the wall
103 Rubric
Images from laboratory ten

104 Reflection and refraction quiz

Unit eleven: Spectra: the colors of light

111 Activity includes playing with a cereal box spectrometer, colors of the rainbow
112 Laboratory eleven: colors of light Somewhere over the rainbow [T]
Spectrum using SVG
Viewing RGB pixels on an LCD panel fall 2009

114 Test 3: Spectra and the colors of light

Unit twelve: Electricity and magnetism

121 Magnetism, magnetic fields, and iron filings
122 Laboratory twelve: Circuits, conduction, and Ohm's law Let your light bulb shine
Images from laboratory twelve
123 rubric

124 magnetism and electricity

Unit thirteen: Chemistry

131 Introduction to periodic table, chemical symbology
132 Laboratory thirteen: Flower colors, acids, and bases: Chemistry from the flower garden in the kitchen
Chemicals print out sheets for use in lab
133 rubric
Images from laboratory thirteen

134 quiz 09 acids and bases only

Unit fourteen: Astronomy

One minute celestial objects presentations
Laboratory 14

Favorite labs survey fall 2009

Images from laboratory fourteen fall 2009

Unit fifteen: Cosmology

MITC DVD 393: Stephen Hawking and the theory of everything. Join Hawking and other renowned thinkers as they explore the revolutionary new ideas that have evolved since the publication of his blockbuster book. Besides interviews, this stimulating documentary uses computer graphics and simple, easy-to-understand demonstrations to explain complex concepts. Topics include black holes, string theory, super symmetry, dimensions beyond our perception, and the mysterious M force - all potential keys to unlocking the elusive "theory of everything" that seems so tantalizingly close.

152 Laboratory fifteen: Site swap notation Keeping three too-many balls up in the air
Images from laboratory fifteen

164 q12 cosmology quiz

Sample final spring 2010. Questions will vary.

Homework and coursework related materials

Significant digits in the soap box volume laboratorypdf
Stopwatch operationstopwatch diagram
Ball arc activity.pltblank
Ball arc as activity two spring 2008
Sphere arc activity fall 2008
Using statistical modes on a Sharp EL-531W calculator
Marble momentum
Graph choices
Mathematical models
SVG graph and relationship analysis decision tree
Math models two homework
Award words
Cabinet clean-up
table makerhtml

Instructional support materials

OpenOffice Calc file for building xhtml5 pages with SVG xy scatter graph
SVG and MathMl testbed page

Magnifying lens regression
Ball arc
Center of gravity and cantileverscantilever.ods

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