SC 130 Physical Science spring 2010

Lab 01. ________________ Find the density of a 20.7 gram rectangular slab of soap with a length of 3.1 cm, a height of 2.4 cm, and a width of 1.2 cm.

Lab 02. ________________ Find the speed of a 5.9 gm marble which rolls 59.5 cm in 0.8 seconds.

Lab 03. ________________ Find the acceleration of gravity for a ball that falls 600 cm in 1.11 seconds.

Lab 04. ________________ Find the momentum of a 5.9 gm marble that rolls 59.5 cm in 0.8 seconds.

Lab 05. ________________ Elastic stretches a distance of 21.2 cm as the result of a force of 275.6 gmf. Find Hooke's constant k for this data.

Lab 06. ________________ Is wood a conductor of heat?

Lab 07. ________________ Students walked along a line of longitude measuring the distance using a Garmin eTrex GPS in both meters and minutes. The distance in meters was 237 meters. The distance in minutes was 0.126 minutes. Calculate the number of meters per minute of latitude along the line of longitude that they walked.

Lab 08. ______________________________ What type of cloud is C?

Lab 09. ________________ Students banged two boards in synch with the echo off of a building. In ten seconds the student banged the boards 31 times. The echo flight distance to the building and back was 114 meters. What is the speed of sound in meters per second based on this experiment?

Lab 10. ________________ A penny is placed 60.5 cm underwater. The index of refraction for water is 1.33. How deep underwater will the image of the penny appear to be?

Lab 11. ______________________________ What two primary colors of light combine to produce yellow?

Lab 12. ________________ How much power is consumed by an appliance with a current of 6.3 amps at a voltage of 117 volts?

Lab 13. ________________ Is Drano an acid or base?

Lab 14. ________________ Calculate the index of refraction for glass given an object distance of 3.9 cm and an image distance of 2.7 cm.

Lab 15. __________ Write the site swap for pattern B.

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