123 Laboratory twelve marking rubric

1. [i] Images, sketches, or drawing [4]
+1open circuit
+1closed circuit
+1short circuit
+1quality point for high quality drawings
2. [if] Image formatting [3]
3image, sketch, or drawing that is clear and informative with correct labels OR image fully appropriate to laboratory, original, explanatory, captions as appropriate, and distinguishes bulb base components accurately
2Sketch is clear and complete, only a minor issues such as a mislabel, unoriginal, or lack of a necessary caption
1Sketch is confusing, unclear, not well done, or inappropriate image, image copied from Internet without citation of source
3. [dc] Data tables content conductors [2]
+1electrical conduction data
+1heat conduction data
4. [tc] Conductors table format and layout [3]
3Clear, concise, well thought out, informative. Includes both electricity and heat, both clearly labeled.
2Missing borders or other minor format inconsistencies, or missing either heat or electricity data, or confusing, or unclear, or uses two tables or other less efficient presentations such as text, or lack of appropriate labels makes single table unclear
1Incomplete, runs off edges of page, lacks minimal margins
5. [dΩ] Data tables content current versus voltage: ohms [3]
+1per amperage, voltage coordinate pair [(0, 0) is a theoretic construct and was not measured, therefore not counted in analysis. Typically discussed on lab hand-back.]
6. [tΩ] Table: current versus voltage
3Clear, concise, well thought out, informative
2Missing borders, or missing units, or other minor format inconsistencies, reversed column order in whole or part (values often reversed) (order should be current then voltage for graph slope to be resistance)
1Missing both dimensions and units, unclear, confusing, poorly done, highly incomplete
7. [g] Graph format [3]
3Graphs xy scattergraph, correct axis labels, current versus voltage
2Missing a label or other element, or reversed current (x) and voltage (y) axes
1wrong graph type or other serious errors
8. [a] Data analysis [7]
+1heat versus electricity conduction
+1linearity analysis
+1identifies slope as resistance
+1units of slope reported as being ohms
+1analysis of perceived bulb temperature versus brightness, current, and voltage

The following are also marked. Refer to the generic rubric for details.

9. [c] Conclusions – Content
10. [f] Format
[G] Grammar and Syntax [-2 if conclusion too short to judge grammar properly]
[V] Vocabulary [-2 if conclusion too short - taken as evidence of vocabulary limitations]
[O] Organization
[C] Cohesion [0 if conclusion too short to judge cohesion]