004 Syllabus and typical generic calendar

Typical generic calendar of events


Typical calendar of events

Weeks in which a holiday falls on a Thursday are handled by an interstitial activity such as statics on that Wednesday.

Thursday labFriday
0Peripatetic meanderings in space and time[no class]Course introQuiz
1Mathematical models and measurementWhat are your measurements? Lab 01 Standing on a carved soap boxQuiz
2Linear motionHow slow are you?Lab 02 Rolling balls gather no mossQuiz
3Accelerated motionArc of a sphereLab 03 Dropping the ball on the jobTest
4Energy and momentumBanana leaf marble rampLab 04 Loosing your marblesQuiz
5ForceNewton's lawsLab 05: Midterm lab practicalQuiz
6HeatTemperatureLab 06: If you cannot take the heatQuiz
7Latitude and longitudeHide and seekLab 07: Changes in longitudeMidterm
8WeatherHumidity and precipitationLab 08: The stuff of dreamsQuiz
9SoundWavesLab 09: The speed of musicQuiz
10OpticsLensesLab 10: Mirror, mirrorQuiz
11SpectraCd spectroscopeLab 11: The colors of lightTest
12Magnetism and electricityMagnetsLab 12: Let you light shineQuiz
13Acids and basesIntroduction to the elementsLab 13: From the flower garden into the kitchen Quiz
14AstronomyPlanetary presentationsLab 14: Final practicalQuiz
15Site swapsLab 15: Site swap

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