063 Laboratory six heat marking rubric

1. [d] Data (often in a table of results)
+1per material tested usually up to ten points
+1includes starting temperature
+1includes final temperature
2. [t] Data tables format (both tables)
3Clear, concise, well thought out, informative, labels and units in the head
2Missing borders or other minor format inconsistencies, or missing one element in the head such as units
1Incomplete, runs off edges of page, lacks minimal margins, or missing two or more elements such as borders and units
3. [g] Data display: Graph
3Appropriate chart or graph with correct axis labels
2Missing a label or other element
1plotting the wrong data, or incomprehensible
4. [a] Data analysis
+1identified insulators
+1identified conductors
+1graph or chart choice well represent the data gathered, simple, straightforward, logical, clear, concise

The following are also marked. Refer to the generic rubric for details.

5. [c] Conclusions – Content
6. [f] Format
[G] Grammar and Syntax [-2 if conclusion too short to judge grammar properly]
[V] Vocabulary [-2 if conclusion too short - taken as evidence of vocabulary limitations]
[O] Organization
[C] Cohesion [0 if conclusion too short to judge cohesion]