142 Laboratory 14: Index of refraction for glass


Proposed diagram

Image depth versus object depth measurement diagram for physical science laboratory border glass panes glass panes object objects (coin?) table top table top arrows and dimensional lines o i

Goal: Determine the index of refraction for glass.

Remember laboratory ten where you measured the image depth i and object depth o for a coin under water and used that data to determine the index of refraction for water? Use the panes of glass as layers to set up the same experiment, but this time the object is under glass. Determine the index of refraction for glass.

You lay out the appropriate tables. You decide on what to graph. Potentially helpful hint: indexes of refraction are always greater than one. You run the analysis. You do the research and determine what is the expected value for the index of refraction of glass. You run the error analysis. You perform the conclusion write-up.

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