071 Where in the world is Lee Ling?

Instructional note: Monday GPS orientation session so that Wednesday stays focused on latitude and longitude discovery learning and not technical issues with GPS operation.

In this "hide and seek" activity you will work in teams to learn about latitude and longitude. The learning model is based on discovery learning. Each team will have a global positioning satellite (GPS) receiver. You form your own teams based on the number of GPS units.

Garmin eTrex GPS buttons Up Down Enter Page (change screen) Power button (hold and release to power on) Garmin eTrex GPS

  1. N 06° 54.650', E 158° 09.453'
  2. N 06° 54.585', E 158° 09.339'
  3. N 06° 54.552', E 158° 09.381'
  4. N 06° 54.660', E 158° 09.589'
  5. N 06° 54.663', E 158° 09.575'
  6. N 06° 54.667', E 158° 09.558'
  7. N 06° 54.661', E 158° 09.559'
  8. N 06° 54.630', E 158° 09.330'
  9. N 06° 54.640', E 158° 09.303'

Garmin eTrex directions, light version. There are five buttons on the eTrex: up arrow (scroll or cycle) up through options, down arrow (scroll or cycle) down through options, enter, page, and power (pwr).

Although the GPS receivers appear identical, some use an older operating system. With the older GPS units you will have to use the compass bearing screen and the down arrow to display the location screen. For the newer GPS units there is an additional screen after the compass bearing screen that can display the latitude and longitude. For all of the GPS units, the compass/bearing screen can display latitude and longitude information. If nothing else: study the directions, play with the buttons. Discover and learn!

If your batteries go dead, see the division administrative assistant for replacement batteries. If the unit does not turn on after holding the "power on" button, then try replacing the batteries. Remember: the unit will only work OUTSIDE.

This game has a 55 minute time limit: one class period. If you have not found Lee Ling by the end of the period, then return the GPS units to the administrative assistant in the division of natural sciences and mathematics. In case you do not find me, Thursday's laboratory is outdoors. Good hunting!

Garmin eTrex GPS at hide location Location Garmin eTrex GPS at hide location Garmin eTrex GPS at hide location