SC 130 Physical Science Calendar

MondayTopic/Monday introWednesdayThursdayFriday
01/04/10Peripatetic meanderings in space and time[no class]Course introduction: Peripatic wanderings in space and timeQuiz 1
01/11/10Mathematical models and measurementWhat are your measurements? Lab 01: Standing on a carved soap box
Part II: Computer lab
Quiz 2
01/18/10Motion: linearHow slow are you? Outside for part of the classLab 02: Rolling balls gather no moss
Part I: Outside in the parking lot of the gym
You may get wet
Part II: Computer lab
Quiz 3
01/25/10Motion: acceleratedArc of a sphere Outside for part of the classLab 03: Dropping the ball on the jobTest 1
02/01/10Motion: Energy and momentum:
Conservation of energy:
ripping with PE and KE
Banana leaf marble ramp:
PE and KE continued
Lab 04: Loosing your marbles:
An exploration of the conservation of momentum
Quiz 4
02/08/10ForcesForce as changes in momentum, Newton's lawsLab 05: Hooke's law applies to elastic?Quiz 5
02/15/10HeatTemperatureLab 06 (ex-05):
If you cannot take the heat
Quiz 6
02/22/10Latitude and longitudeHide and seek Outside all periodLab 07: Changes in longitude
Part I: Outside
Part II: Computer lab
Test 2
03/01/10WeatherHumidity and precipitationLab 08: The stuff of dreamsQuiz 7
03/08/10SoundWavesLab 09: The speed of music
Part I: Outside
Quiz 8
03/15/10OpticsLensesLab 10: Mirror, mirrorQuiz 9
03/22/10SpectraCD spectroscopeLab 11: The colors of light
Class meets in computer lab
Test 3
03/29/10Review test threeSpring breakSpring breakGood Friday
04/05/10Magnetism and electricityMagnetismLab 12: Let your light shineQuiz 10
04/12/10ChemistryIntroduction to the elementsLab 13: From the flower garden into the kitchen
Part I: Outside
Quiz 11
04/19/10AstronomyPlanetary presentationsLab 14: Final practicalQuiz 12
04/26/10Cosmology Class meets in MITC Monday and WednesdayMITCLab 15: Site swap
Bring THREE small balls such as tennis balls
Class will go outside weather permitting

SC 130 Physical Science syllabus