084 Quiz 06 Latitude longitude, weather, clouds, and humidity ☁ Name:

  1. ____________________ Cloud type?
  2. ____________________ Cloud type?
  3. ____________________ Cloud type?
  4. ____________________ Cloud type?
  5. _______________ A student walked north on a line of longitude starting at N 6° 54.467' and ending at N 6° 54.567'. The student measured a distance of 192 meters. Determine the number of meters per minute of latitude based on this data.
  6. _____________________________ What process produces the typical rain on Pohnpei?
  7. _____________________________ What process produces rain, lightning, and thunder?
  8. _____________________________ What process produces rain as a result of wind rising up the windward slope of mountains?
  9. ________________ If you hear thunder six seconds after you see a lightning flash, how far away is the storm in kilometers?
  10. ____________________ What is the temperature of the dry bulb thermometer?
  11. ____________________ What is the temperature of the wet bulb thermometer?
  12. ____________________ What is the wet bulb depression today?
  13. ____________________ Determine the relative humidity today. [Use your text]
  14. ____________________ Determine the heat index today. [Use your text]
  15. _________________________ Determine the risk level for exercise today.
  16. Draw a cumulus incus cloud below [More properly called Cumulonimbus incus or Cumulonimbus capillatus incus.