073 Laboratory seven marking rubric

1. [d] Data (often in a table of results)
+1Line of latitude (or longitude) recorded
+1Starting longitude (or longitude) recorded
+1Ending longitude (or longitude) recorded
+1GPS distance data recorded, one point per GPS unit
+1Surveyors wheel data
+1Google Earth ruler data
2. [t] Data tables format
3Clear, concise, well thought out, informative, labels and units in the heads
2Missing borders or other minor format inconsistencies, or missing one element in the head such as units
1Incomplete, runs off edges of page, lacks minimal margins, or missing two or more elements such as borders and units
3. [a] Data analysis [6]
+1Calculated difference in minutes of longitude along the line of latitude
+1Calculated mean distance in meters
+1Calculated meters per minute of longitude [or latitude] (m/min)
+1Experimentally determined Earth circumference (km)
+1Actual Earth circumference (km)
+1Percentage error from actual circumference of the Earth.

The following are also marked. Refer to the generic rubric for details.

4. [c] Conclusions – Content
5. [f] Format
[G] Grammar and Syntax [-2 if conclusion too short to judge grammar properly]
[V] Vocabulary [-2 if conclusion too short - taken as evidence of vocabulary limitations]
[O] Organization
[C] Cohesion [0 if conclusion too short to judge cohesion]