SS 100-World of Work

Presents the major elements of political science through a conflict management approach.

SS/PY 101-General Psychology

A survey of the concepts, theories and research behind the study of human thought, emotion and behavior.

SS 111-Cultural Anthropology

Provides an overview of the concepts, theories and research behind the study of world cultures.

SS 120-Introduction to Geography

An introduction to physical and regional geography with an emphasis on human interaction with the earth.

SS 125- Geography of the Pacific

A study of the physical, regional, economic and cultural geography of Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia.

SS 130- Introduction to Sociology

A survey of the concepts, theories and research behind the study of human societies.

SS 150- History of Micronesia

A survey of Micronesian history from pre-history to the present.

SS 170- World History I

A survey of world history from pre-history to 1500

SS 171- World History II

A survey of world history from 1500 to the present

SS 195- Micronesian cultural Studies

A comparative study of Micronesian culture including customs and beliefs, arts and crafts, kinship and language.

SS 200- Research Methods

An introduction to quantitative and qualitative research, analysis and writing within the social and behavioral sciences.

SS 205- Micronesian Government and Politics

An in-depth study of the history and processes of government and politics in Micronesia.

SS 212- Economy of Micronesia

Examines the history and development of Micronesian economic systems.

SS 220- Contemporary Issues in Micronesia

Examines major issues facing Micronesia today in the areas of social, political and economic development and change.

SS 240- East Asia History

A survey of the history of China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam from pre-history to the present.

SS 280- Directed Study:Selected Topics

A mentored research practicum for Micronesian Studies Program majors taken during their final semester.

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