Bookkeeping Certificate

Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
(AY 2012-2013)

Program Student Learning Outcomes(PSLOs)

At the completion of Bookkeeping Certificate the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate proper bookkeeping techniques for a small business.
  2. Demonstrate general computer competence and information technology literacy.
  3. Describe small business management techniques.
  4. Communicate effectively in English for business purposes.
  5. Perform business computations and apply logic as needed.
  6. File documents properly and use common office machines.
  • I=Introduced
  • D=Demonstrated
  • M=Mastery at a level appropriate for graduation
  • PSLO Assessment Report Summary

    What we looked at:

    The following were assessed:

    • PSLO #1and #4
    • Courses-(Pohnpei Campus only)
      • BK095 SLO#3
      • BK096 SLO#1
      • BU100 SLO#2
      • ESL/BU095/096

    The target for BK095 and BK096 was set for 70% of those enrolled to receive 70% or above. BK100's target was set for 80% of those enrolled to receive an average rate of 3 or higher based on a 0-5 rating scale. Assessment for ESL/BU 095 and ESL/BU 096 were based on exercises, quizzes, and exams with a successful rate of 70% or better. Listed below are the results for the PSLOs.

    What we found:

    PSLO #1: Assessment based on BK 095, BK096, and BU100

    • PSLO #1: Assessment based on BK 095, BK096, and BU100
    • BK096 - 14 out of 22 students or 64% passed with a "C" or better.
      • In summary, only 64% of those enrolled for these two courses successfully rated 70% or better, falling short of 6% in meeting our target.
    • BU100 - In Fall 2012, all four students enrolled didn't meet ratings SLO#2 criteria.
      • Assessment of those enrolled for Fall 2012 were inconclusive due to inconsistent advisement and/or enrollment oversight.
      • In summary, for summer 2013, seven (7) out of eight (8) students passed with a rating of 3 or better or 88% of those enrolled successfully met target with ratings of 3 or better.

    PSLO#4: Assessment based on ESL/BU 095 and ESL/BU 096

    • 19 out of 24 students or 79% passed with a "C" or better.
    • 13 out of 22 students or 72% passed with a "C" or better.

    What we are planning to work on:

    • BK095 - Course modification to include mandatory tutorial sessions for those doing below 70% and for services to be made available at times which are convenient for the students; midterm and final projects should be divided into three sections to include a post-midterm project allowing for more practice.
    • BK096 - Since the concepts of accounting remain the same although for a different type of business and form of organization, a pre-test should be administered (Post-test BK095) and pre-midterm project should be assigned for reinforcement of concepts previously learned in BK095.
    • BU100 - careful and proper student advising must be done to make sure that prerequisites are met prior to enrollment; student should be advised to take no more than 3 credits along with this course to avoid conflict of scheduling and fulfillment of practicum hours; and course modification is necessary to update SLOs.
    • ESL/BU 095/096 - Need to incorporate more vocabulary and grammar exercises to upgrade skills needed to convey business concepts.
      - Course modification and change of textbook to match reading level of students
    • Recommendations for students:

      1. BK095- Attend mandatory tutorial sessions, if needed.
      2. BU100 - Meet advisors for proper successive course placement
        -Take BU100 alone or with just one more course to avoid conflict of scheduling

      Program Data Sheet Spring 2014
      Program Data Sheet Spring 2013

      Program Review (Chuuk Campus) Fall 2012-Summer 2013

      Program Review (Pohnpei Campus) Fall 2012-Summer 2013

      Program Review (Yap Campus) Fall 2012-Summer 2013

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