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Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
(AY 2012-2013)

Program Student Learning Outcomes(PSLOS)

At the completion of General Education Program the student will be able to:

Goal 1: Effective Communication
1.1 Write a clear, well-organized paper using documentation and quantitative tools when appropriate.
1.2 Make a clear, well-organized verbal presentation.

Goal 2: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
2.1 Demonstrate the ability for independent thought and expression.
2.2 Demonstrate understanding of the modes of inquiry by identifying an appropriate method of accessing credible information and data resources; applying the selected method; and organizing results.

Goal 3: Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning
3.1 Demonstrate understanding and apply mathematical concepts in problem solving and in day-to-day activities
3.2 Present and interpret numeric information.
3.3 Communicate thoughts and ideas effectively using proper mathematical terms.
3.4 Define and explain scientific concepts, principles, and theories of a field of science.
3.5 Perform experiments that use scientific methods as part of the inquiry process.

Goal 4: Ethics and Culture
4.1 Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of world geography.
4.2 Demonstrate knowledge of the cultural issues of a person's own culture and other cultures.
4.3 Demonstrate knowledge of major historical events affecting one's culture and other cultures.
4.4 Demonstrate familiarity with contemporary global issues.
4.5 Demonstrate an understanding of major ethical concerns.

Goal 5: Workforce Readiness
5.1 Determine healthy lifestyles by describing the value of physical activity to a healthful lifestyle and participating in regular physical activity for at least one semester.
5.2 Demonstrate professionalism, interpersonal skills, teamwork, leadership and decision-making skills.

  • I=Introduced
  • D=Demonstrated
  • M=Mastery at a level appropriate for graduation

PSLO Assessment Report Summary
Previous General Education Program assessment reports can be viewed at this link:

The General Education Program is in the process of developing common assessment assignments (CAAs) for all PSLOs.

What we looked at:

What we found:

What we are planning to work on:

Recommendations for students:

 Awaiting Program Reviews

Unit Assessment Report

Report Period: 2013-2014

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