SC 130 Physical Science Schedule Calendar of topics and laboratories for physical science Monday Wednesday Thursday Labs Friday 09 Jan Syllabus Text Pre-assessment SLO survey 11 Jan Floaters Pre; cube density 011 Measurement 12 Jan Lab one L01 012 Density A101, A204 13 Jan quiz 014 Sample lab odt Rubric • AlphaSoup 16 Jan Motion RipStik LRC-F2 Photographer 021 Motion Velocities GPS walking 022 Outside L02 Linear motion A101, A204 quiz 024 velocity 23 Jan Motion RipStik acceleration Photographer 1600 031 Acceleration Motion L03 032 modified Accelerated motion A101, A204 27 Jan test 034 acceleration 30 Jan Motion RipStik energy Photographer, ergs 041 Conserve ℰ Banana leaf marble ramp Lab four L04 042 Momentum quiz 044 height speed momentum options? 06 Feb Force intro RipStik accelerate 051 Newton's laws Yurt circle Outside Lab five L05 052 Friction Friction Impromptu Workshop 13 Feb Heat MITC: heat and temp 061 Temperature Freezing to boiling Lab six L06 062 Heat conduction 17 Feb quiz 054 064 20 Feb Earth GPS orientation 071 Hide 'n seek Outside 072 Outside L07 Meters/min A101, out, A204 24 Feb test 074 midterm 27 Feb Earth: Laptop MITC Luke Howard Clouds El Niño El Niño presentations preparation Lab eight A204 start L08 082 Clouds + presentation prep El Niño/La Niña Presentations 06 Mar RipStik wave Photographer 091 Waves Lab nine outside L09 092 Sound speed quiz 084 094 sound 13 Mar MITC Limits of Light -TSoN XKCD Color survey 101 Color Spectra CD spectrometer Lab ten in A204 102 Colors of Light Spectrum Quiz 084 094 104 20 Mar Nye: Optics A101 111 Optics Optical demos Refraction effects 112 L11 Reflection & refraction Take home 114 Mirage along the road 27 Mar MITC Inconv truth MITC DVD 271 MITC Inconv truthMITC DVD 271 Founding Day 31 Mar MITC/A101 Inconv update? 31 Mar Rahn en Tiahk holiday 03 Apr MITC: Power comes in many forms 455 121 Electricity Volts, Amps, Power Ohm's law, P = iV 122 L12 Circuits A101: NorthREP Alternative Energy DVD 10 Apr 131 Chemistry Elements 10 Apr A101 Is Reality Real? Through the Wormhole... 131 Chemistry Compounds H+, OH- Easter break 132 L13 Acids & Bases Maundy Thursday quiz 114 124 134 Good Friday 17 Apr MITC DVD 401 Jrny to Edge of Uni 17 Apr 131 Chemistry Elements Planetary distances How far to Pluto? 131 Chemistry Compounds H+, OH- 142 Lab practical L14 Math models Writing eval 132 L13 Acids & Bases A101 Black holes [Wormhole] quiz 114 124 134 24 Apr Cosmo MITC Emergent Truth The Higgs Boson MITC Is Gravity An Illusion? 152 L15 Site Swap Universe made of math? Emergent truth Fav lab survey Ball animation on top of other elements ball paths Styrofoam cup for lab five

SC 130 Physical Science Schedule Calendar of topics and laboratories for physical science Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday 05 Dec Last day U ask I answer Thu 12:10 fx Final examination