SC 130 Physical Science spring 2009

Lab 01. ________________ Find the density of a 20.1 gram rectangular slab of soap with a length of 4.7 cm, a height of 2.7 cm, and a width of 1.9 cm.

Lab 02. ________________ Find the speed of a 6 gm marble which rolls 55.8 cm in 0.6 seconds.

Lab 03. ________________ Find the acceleration of gravity for a princess inflatable ball that falls 159 cm in 0.57 seconds. Use the formula to determine the acceleration of gravity g.

Lab 04. ________________ Find the momentum of a 6 gm marble that rolls 55.8 cm in 0.6 seconds.

Lab 05. ________________ Is glass a conductor of heat?

Lab 06. ________________ Is the system to the right mathematically best modeled by a linear relationship, a non-linear relationship, or a random relationship?

Lab 07. ________________ A student walked a line of latitude at 6° 54.580' from longitude 158° 09.358' to longitude 158° 09.708'. The student measured a distance of 694 meters. determine the number of meters per minute of longitude based on this data.

Lab 08. Sketch a cumulus congestus cloud. Use the back of the paper.

Lab 09. ________________ Students banged two boards in synch with the echo off of a building. In ten seconds the student banged the boards 23 times. Another student measured the distance that the echo traveled to the building and back. The echo flight distance was 149 meters. What is the speed of sound in meters per second based on this experiment?

Lab 10. ________________ An object is placed 31 centimeters in front of a mirror. How far behind the mirror will the image be?

Lab 11. ______________________________ What color is produced by the HTML style sheet command BODY {BACKGROUND:#00F)?

Lab 12. ________________ What is the resistance for a circuit with with a current of 0.43 amps and a voltage of 6.6 volts? Note that Voltage = current i × resistance R

Lab 13. ________________ Is aspirin an acid or base?

Lab 14. ________________ Calculate the index of refraction for glass given an object distance of 7.5 cm and an image distance of 4.8 cm.

Lab 15. __________, _____ Is 334233 a juggle-able site swap sequence and, if so, how many balls are used?