SC 130 Physical Science spring 2008

Lab 01. ________________ Find the volume of a box of soap with a length of 8.4 cm, a height of 6.6 cm, and a width of 4.7 cm

Lab 02. ________________ Find the speed of a 5.5 gm marble which rolls 31 cm in 0.9 seconds.

Lab 03. ________________ Find the acceleration of gravity for a princess inflatable ball that falls 163 cm in 0.58 seconds. Use the formula to determine the acceleration of gravity g.

Lab 04. ________________ Find the momentum of a 5.5 gm marble that rolls 31 cm in 0.9 seconds.

Lab 05. ________________ Is copper a conductor of heat?

Lab 06. ________________ Determine the bounce height of bounce number 3 for a ball dropped from 100 cm with a bounce coefficient of 0.75. Note that the bounce height for a given bounce number, where the ball starts from 100 cm high, can be calculated from the formula:
where the bounce coefficient is a base and the bounce number is the exponent.

Lab 07. ________________ A student walked a line of latitude at 6° 54.580' from longitude 158° 09.358' to longitude 158° 09.710'. The student measured a distance of 674 meters. determine the number of meters per minute of longitude based on this data.

Lab 08. Sketch a cumulus congestus cloud. Use the back of the paper.

Lab 09. ________________ Students who are 106 meters from a building bang two boards in synch with the bang board echo. 30 claps of the wood boards takes 18.12 seconds. What is the speed of sound in meters per second based on this experiment?

Lab 10. ________________ An object is placed 12 centimeters in front of a mirror. How far behind the mirror will the image be?

Lab 11. ______________________________ What color is hsl(240,100%,50%)?

Lab 12. ________________ What is the resistance for a circuit with with a current of 0.29 amps and a voltage of 5.6 volts? Note that Voltage = current i × resistance R

Lab 13. ________________ Is mineral lime (from coral) an acid or base?

Lab 14. ________________ Which should have had the larger slope in lab 14 where you graphed image depth ί against object depth δ, the graph for glass or the graph for water?

Lab 15. What is site swap notation?

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