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  1. Section one measurement: If a bar of soap is floating in a liquid, then what must be true about the density of the soap relative to the density of the liquid?
  2. Section two motion: The time versus distance xy scatter graph below shows the motion of three different marbles. The marbles are labeled A, B, and C. All three marbles start from a time of 0 seconds and a distance of 0 centimeters. The following questions use this graph.
    Marbles in motion background rectangle major grid lines axes x-axis and y-axis a path A data points as rectangles accelerated motion path C data points as circles accelerated motion path B data points as circles data points as circles text layers Marbles in motion Time (s) Distance (cm) y-axis labels 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 x-axis labels 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    _____ Which marble is slowing down?
  3. _____ Which marble is speeding up?
  4. _____ Which marble is moving at a constant speed?
  5. __________ What is the speed of marble B?
  6. __________ What is the speed of marble A between five and nine seconds?
  7. Section three accelerated motion: ____________________ If a ball falls for two times as long a duration of time, by what multiple will the distance be increased? Will the distance covered increase by two, three, four, or eight times the original distance?
  8. Section four momentum: For marbles rolling into a line of marbles, what two momentum facts hold true?
    Marbles on ruler track
  9. Section five force: _______ Data was gathered for the extension of an elastic band using a cup and marbles. The table below is data from the experiment. Is the elastic band a linear elastic material?
    Total distance elastic has stretched (cm) Total mass of marbles in the cup (gmf)
    0 0
    2 5
  10. _______________ For the data above, determine Hooke's constant for the elastic band.
  11. Trustingleen _______________ Trustingleen is a 26 kg RipStik rider. In the photo a physical science instructor has convinced Trustingleen to ride a RipStik down a sloping sidewalk with an abrupt end. The plan is for the instructor to catch Trustingleen and let the board crash off the end of the sidewalk. For this to work the instructor will have to bring Trustingleen from a speed of 3 m/s to 0 m/s in 0.3 seconds. How much force will the instructor have to exert to bring Trustingleen to a safe stop?
  12. Explain why the balloons move together when air passes between them.
    Double balloon Front view Top view
  13. Section six heat: ____________________ The conductors of heat in the chart below are all what type of material?
    Horizontal bar chart WoodSteelIron AluminumBrass 0510 ΔTemperature °C
  14. ΔT = ____________________ What is the change in temperature ΔT for best conductor of heat energy in the chart?
  15. Section seven earth coordinates: _____________ There are 60 minutes in one degree of longitude. A minute of longitude was measured in lab seven to be 1920 meters. How many kilometers per degree of longitude?
  16. _____________ If I start at the college, can I travel one degree north in a straight line and remain on Pohnpei?
  17. _____________ The longest distance I have run and juggled on Pohnpei is 19.8 kilometers. That joggle required two and half hours. Based on that, can I run and juggle for one degree of longitude?
  18. Cloud Section eight weather: __________________ What type of cloud is shown in the image?
  19. I am the power of electricity
    I split the sky with a fiery fire
    A shaft of shock
    A spear that burns
    And in my wake is the sound that scares.
    What am I?
  20. Section nine waves: A RipStik was ridden across a wet cloth towel soaked in water with food color. The RipStik was then swizzled across a large sheet of presentation paper. The swizzle wave can be seen in the image below.
    8cm 165 cm in 1.65 seconds
    λ = _______________ Calculate the wavelength λ of the RipStik swizzle wave.
  21. ѵripstick = _______________ Calculate the linear velocity ѵripstick of the RipStik.
  22. a = _______________ Calculate the amplitude a of the RipStik swizzle wave.
  23. τ = _______________ Calculate the period τ for the RipStik swizzle wave.
  24. f = _______________ Calculate the RipStik swizzle wave frequency f.
  25. ѵwave = _______________ Use the wavelength λ and frequency f to calculate the velocity ѵwave of the RipStik swizzle wave.
  26. _______________ Given a speed of sound of 350 m/s and an echoing surface 100 meters away, how long a duration in seconds would you expect for a sound to travel out and echo back to you?
  27. Section ten optics: _______________ A student put a penny on the bottom of a beaker with high fructose corn syrup 10 centimeters deep. High fructose corn syrup has an index of refraction of 1.48. What will be the apparent depth of the image of the penny?
  28. Section eleven spectra: Orange and brown are the same hue. Both orange and brown have a hue angle of 30° What characteristics of light make these two colors different?
  29. Section twelve electricity: Water flowing in a river exerts a pressure resulting from the speed of flow of the water and the volume of water flowing. Electric circuits have current, voltage, and resistance. Which properties of a river match which properties of an electrical circuit?
  30. __________ The lights on the Christmas tree in the Division Natural Sciences and Mathematics office has the following information: 120V 60Hz 1.53A. What is the power consumed by these lights?
  31. __________ Given 120V 60Hz 1.53A, calculate the resistance for the circuit.
  32. Section thirteen chemistry: A purple flower was boiled in water. The water turned purple. Based on the general rules for color change discovered in that laboratory, determine from the color changes listed below whether the following unknowns are likely to be an acid or a base. Put your answers in the blanks below the unknown.
    cream of tartarsodium hydroxidepotassium chloride
    bright pinkdark blue greenpurple
  33. Section fifteen site swap notation:
    The mathematical equation 4 + 5 = 9 is to the site swap equation 334233
    the mathematical equation 3 + 5 = 10 is to the site swap equation 252525
    Explain why.
  34. Essay question topic: What is the nature and process of science?
    Focusing questions:

    Write an organized, coherent, and cohesive essay that connects together your responses to the above focusing questions. Provide support for your assertions and statements from the laboratories, activities, and experiences in physical science class.

The above did not yield essays that focused on the intended topic. Contributing to this lack of focus was the interpretation of the word "science" as meaning any field of science, including health sciences. The list also proved to be too long and too complex for students to tackle at the tail end of 33 physical science questions. Fatigue had clearly set in.

What are the roles|reasons|purposes of experiments and mathematics in physical science?