SC 130 Physical Science Spring 2008

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General course files

Syllabus and calendar.ods

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Lab write-up format sample

Laboratory 01

Speaking on a soap box

Lab 01: Measurement, uncertainty, precision, and error
Images from lab 01
Sample data (.ods)
Lab 01
Lab01 data proposal fall 2008demo data

Laboratory 02

A rolling ball gathers no moss

Lab 02: Linear motion
Images from laboratory two
  Making XY graphs in Excel and OpenOffice

Laboratory 03

Dropping the ball on the job

Lab 03: Accelerated Motion
Lab 03 data spreadsheet and comments
Images from laboratory three

Laboratory 04

Loosing your marbles

Lab 04 2008: Momentum

Laboratory 05: Heat conduction

If you cannot take the heat, get a non-conductor

Laboratory five: heat conduction
Images from laboratory five

Laboratory 06

Laboratory six: Practical
Images from laboratory six

Laboratory 07: Latitude and Longitude

Walking the line - of latitude

Laboratory seven: Changes in latitude, longitude, and the metric system
Images from laboratory seven

Laboratory 08: Clouds

The stuff of which dreams are made

Laboratory eight: Clouds
Images from laboratory eight

Laboratory 09: Sound

The speed of music, the sound of waves

Laboratory nine: Sound. Images of lab equipment
Images from laboratory nine

Laboratory 10: Reflection and Refraction

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Laboratory ten: reflection and refraction
Student data
Images from laboratory ten

Laboratory 11: The colors of light

Somewhere over the rainbow

Laboratory eleven: colors of light

Laboratory 12: Electrical conduction

Let your light bulb shine

Laboratory twelve: Circuits, conduction, and Ohm's law
Images from laboratory twelve

Laboratory 13: Flower colors, acids, and bases

Chemistry kitchen

Laboratory thirteen: Flower colors, acids, and bases
Images from laboratory thirteen

Laboratory 14: Reflection final practical

[This lab has no starter: the lab is a practical.]
Laboratory fourteen: Reflection practical [NOT a lab starter!]
Images from laboratory fourteen

Laboratory 15: Site Swaps

Keeping three too-many balls up in the air

Laboratory fifteen: The multi-body gravitational problem of three objects in extreme low earth orbit, and site swap notation
Images from laboratory fifteen


Prequiz 11 January 2008
Quiz 01 fundamental measures, BMI, volume, density
Quiz 02 speed
Test 01 motion
Quiz 03 momentum, kinetic, and potential energyxhtml + mathml version
Quiz 04 heat
q05 weather
q06 waves and soundGnuplot file
q07 Colors of light
q08 Math models, magnetism, electricity
q09 Chemistry
q10 Astronomy
Sample fx

Homework and coursework related materials

Significant digits in the soap box volume laboratorypdf
Stopwatch operationstopwatch diagram
Ball arc activity.pltblank
Using statistical modes on a Sharp EL-531W calculator
Marble momentum
Graph choices
Mathematical models
SVG graph and relationship analysis decision tree
Hide and seek activity
Math models two homework
Award words
Cabinet clean-up
table makerhtml

Many files are in OpenDocument formats [odf] and were created using A few are Gnuplot plot files. Other formats such as Excel and portable network graphic files are present as well. Outside of the A204 math science computer laboratory the OpenOffice documents cannot be accessed. There are two computers in the math science division conference room which also have the ability to open documents. The .html web pages, .xls Excel files, and .doc Word files can be opened in the library.

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