SC 130 Physical Science Prequiz • Name:

  1. ________________ A bar of Dial soap is 9.5 centimeters long, 5.5 centimeters wide, and 3.0 centimeters high. What is the volume of the bar of soap in cubic centimeters?
  2. ________________ A 97.0 gram superball traveled 70.0 cm in 0.20 seconds. What is the speed?
  3. Sketch a cumulus cloud.
  4. ________________ A golf ball falls 79.2 cm in 0.40 seconds. Use the formula to determine the acceleration of gravity g.
  5. ________________ Is wood a conductor of heat?
  6. ________________ A superball is found to obey the linear equation
    bounce height = 0.85 * drop height. What will be the bounce height for a drop of 170 cm?
  7. ________________ An echo takes 0.50 seconds to travel 175 meters out and back from a wall. What is the speed of sound in meters per second based on this experiment?
  8. How is the distance of an image behind a mirror related to the distance of the object in front of the mirror?
  9. What is the nature of science?