Where in the world is Lee Ling?

Garmin eTrex GPS at hide location


In this activity you will work in three teams to learn about latitude and longitude. The learning model is based on discovery learning. Each team will have a global positioning satellite (GPS) receiver. Your instructor is hiding at N 06° 54.650', E 158° 09.453'. Those measures are in degrees minutes.decimalminutes. No, you do not need to book a flight on Continental to find Lee Ling. Lee Ling is within walking distance. Go find him!

Garmin eTrex directions, light version. There are five buttons on the eTrex: up arrow (scroll or cycle) up through options, down arrow (scroll or cycle) down through options, enter, page, and power (pwr).

Although the three GPS receivers appear identical, two use an older operating system. They have blue dots on the bottom. With these you will have to use the compass bearing screen (displayed top right) and the down arrow to display the location screen. For the GPS without a blue dot, there is an additional screen after the compass bearing screen that displays the latitude and longitude (displayed top left). Good hunting!

Homework: Lee Ling sometimes hides at 5° 18.085' North, 163° 01.814' East. Where is Lee Ling?