SC 130 Physical science quiz nine • Name:

  1. _______________ Blast from the past: Last night I went out and ran 5.23 km in 31 minutes and 35 seconds. What was my speed in meters/second?
  2. ______________________________ In the second row on the left hand side is the element with the abbreviation N. What element is N?
  3. _______________ How many protons does N have?
  4. _______________ How many electrons does N have?
  5. _______________ How many neutrons does N have?
  6. ______________________________ Toughie: In the top row of the middle section of the chart, the metals, is Cu. As a child I collected the colorful ores of Cu while on vacations in the upper midwestern United States. What is Cu?
  7. _______________ How many protons does Cu have?
  8. _______________ How many electrons does Cu have?
  9. _______________ How many neutrons does Cu have?
  10. _______________ Toughie: Which element, by two letter symbol not name, is used in wedding rings?
  11. _______________ What is the common name for H2O?
  12. _______________ Is lime juice an acid or a base?
  13. _______________ Can boiled flowers detect acids and bases?
  14. _______________ NH3 is ammonia. Is ammonia an acid or base?
  15. Of what elements is an NH3 ammonia composed and how many of each atom?
  16. Sketch a molecule of NH3