SC 130 Physical Science quiz six • Name:

  1. __________________ An El Niño brings what kind of weather to Micronesia?
  2. __________________ What are we in now, an El Niño or a La Niña?
  3. __________________ When are we likely to change?
  4. __________________ When is Pohnpei more likely to have tropical storms and typhoons, during an El Niño or a La Niña?
  5. Sketch a wave with a wavelength of 10 cm and an amplitude of 2 cm. Label your diagram.
  6. __________________ Given that v = λ f, what is the velocity of a wave on a chain with a wavelength λ of 48 cm and a frequency f of 3.8 Hertz?
  7. __________________ Students who were 81.0 meters from the classroom building banged two boards in synch with the bang board echo. 30 claps of the wood boards took 14.0 seconds. What was the speed of sound in meters per second based on this experiment?
  8. __________________ If the frequency of a sound increases, what will happen to the wavelength?
  9. __________________ What feature of a sound wave is related to the volume (loudness) of a sound?
  10. __________________ What feature of a sound wave makes a whistle have a different characteristic sound than a PVC pipe even if both are played at the same frequency?