SC 130 Physical Science laboratory images

Lab 15: Image depth

The final laboratory focuses on having some fun with objects in extreme low earth orbit, site swaps, and learning to juggle. Students start off with one ball, then move to two balls.

Sylvia, Beautiana, Auslynn
Sylvia, Beautiana, and Auslynn practice with two balls

suanrita suanrita suanrita
Suanrita works hard on a three ball cascade

Elijah had some facility with three balls from the start, and Andelina was a quick learner. They then teamed up and managed to pass a ball between them successfully. The speed with the students can pick up these complex coordination tasks is always amazing.

elijah andelina elijah andelina andelina elijah
Elijah and Andelina working on passes

Suanrita not only learned to juggle three balls, she also had enough ball control to sit and juggle.

Suanrita on a fast learning curve

Sinolet shows off her new skill