MS 101 Algebra & Trigonometry

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Asundry unrelated math materials

Numbers one to ten: Counting in the languages of Micronesia
Developmental mathematics meeting 25 November 2005
Mathematical operators
Math versus English notes 12 December 2005
Mathematics at the College of Micronesia-FSM: A presentation for SDOE specialists
Quadratic fit with WolframAlpha

Linux/Ubuntu/Lubuntu based mathematics

GnuPlot 4.0
Maxima 5.9.3
Graphing with OpenOffice Calc (pdf) [Gearhart]
Qalculate! graphing calculator for Linux

MS 100 College Algebra

Spring 2006 Pohnpei
Summer 2006 Kosrae
Fall 2006 Pohnpei
Summer 2007
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MS 100 College Algebra summer 2005 Kosrae

Calendar and syllabus
Polynomials spreadsheetodt
Symmetry: Mathematical proseodtdoc
Symmetry two: A more systematic look at the symmetric familyodtdoc

Quizzes, midterms, and final

Quiz onesxw
Quiz twosxwodtdoc
Midterm (html)odt (native)sxwdocodsxls
Quiz three (html)odt (native)sxw (native)
Quiz four (html)odt (native)sxw
Quiz five (html)odt (native)ods
Final (html)odt (native)sxw

Transition plan documents 2006

Transition plan diagram
Transitioning the 422

MS 100 Spring 2001:
Quiz on Section 1.6 Inequalities
Quiz on Functions
Test One
Quiz 3 Section 3.1
Quiz 4
Quiz 6

Cognitive Approach Materials Online

Even and Odd Numbers
Set notation
Numbers of Subsets
Pascal's Triangle
Shape of numbers
Fibonacci Factors
Fractional Rates
Sum of n numbers
Penny Probabilities
Al'Jabr 2017 update
Golf ball labs
CUSP labs

MS 100 Assignments for students in Anca Dema's courses 1999

CD-ROM Work Assignment sheet

College and University Success Program

ChuukStar/College and University Success Project Science Graphing Skills Lab