1. Given that option two is essentially our current program, move to accept or reject a change to option one.
  2. Accept or reject a recommendation to admissions committee to include the mathematics portion of the entrance test in the entrance "floor" for certificate level students only.
  3. In association with whatever decisions are made on one and two, find a way to meet the needs of state campus certificate level students who are below the PreAlgebra level.
  4. If changes are made, agree on a transition timetable to the new curriculum.
  5. Adopt textbooks for fall 2006 appropriate to our decisions on the above matters.
  6. Consider a proposal to change the general education mathematics requirement to mirror changes made in science a few years back: from specifically listed courses (MS 100 or MS 101) to any 100 level math course or higher /or/ to a list of approved 100 level plus courses.

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