I have created a diagram to help us at the national site advise students as they move through their math courses. The following basic concepts underlay the diagram, with the first being that the triplet of courses can be thought of as the first, second, and third in a sequence:

First course in sequence
MS 090
MS 095
Second course in sequence
MS 095
MS 096
Third course in sequence
MS 098
MS 099

Another basic concept is the following:
If a student fails the first course in a sequence, the student retakes the first course in the sequence.
If a student fails the second course in a sequence, the student retakes the second course in the sequence.
If a student fails the third course in a sequence, the student retakes the third course in the sequence.

This prevents a student from facing a four course "climb" to a college level course in the event of failing a course.

Bear in mind too that the mathematics general education core is now any 100 level math course or higher. This could be MS 100, MS/ED 210a, MS 103, MS 104, MS 106, or BU/MS 110.

The courses phase in over the three terms Spring 06, Fall 06, and Spring 07. Thanks to John Saber, MS 090 this term was run as PreAlgebra, kicking off our own transition. At one point in the term he even noted that his MS 090 students were doing better in the same textbook as his MS 095 students, reinforcing my belief that MS 090 students can handle prealgebraic material.

I am sending the transition plan as a portable network graphic, there is a possibility the scanners on our servers might reject this format, if so then I will resend under other formats or provide a web link to the diagram:

Click for larger image of transition plan

Technical nerd note: The diagram was produced using OpenOffice 2.0's very capable drawing package and then exported as a portable network graphic.

As noted in an earlier email, the division mathematics schedules for fall 2006 and spring 2007 have been updated to reflect the above.

Outlines for MS 095 PreAlgebra, MS 096 Elementary Algebra, and MS 099 Intermediate Algebra are being proposed to the curriculum committee summer 2006.

Each site should develop their own transition plan appropriate to their own unique situation. My portfolio is only the national site division. The decisions that developed the new sequence came out of the November 25 meeting of full-time mathematics instructors. Hence I cannot take credit for the changes, but I will accept blame for them and, to the extent I am permitted, work to assist sites in transition issues.