Cognitive Approach Topics

These materials have been variously used in MS 098 (Al'Jabr), MS 100 (Golf and CUSP materials), and MS 095 (formerly MS 050).  The bulk of the material is MS 095 Cognitive Approach material.  Not all topics are included below.  There were some topics touched on in the Fall of 1996 MS 050 Cognitive Approach not listed below, including some basic concepts in geometry such as area and volume. Not all topics below are covered by online material.

Even and Odd Numbers
Set notation
Numbers of Subsets
Pascal's Triangle
Shape of numbers
Fibonacci Factors
Prime numbers
Perfect numbers
Fractional Rates
Sum of n numbers
Patterns in n integers
Fractional series sums
Penny Probabilities
Algebra Tiles
Golf ball labs
CUSP labs

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