Botany Syllabus Fall 1999

Date Day Pts Subject
8/23/99 Monday Five Kingdoms
8/25/99 Wednesday
8/26/99 Thursday Laboratory 1: Collecting Plants: Michael J. Balick, P.h.D. of the New York Botanic Garden and Roberta Lee, M.D., of the University of Arizona, lead a laboratory on collecting and pressing specimens.
8/27/99 Friday
8/30/99 Monday Monera: Cyanobacteria
9/1/99 Wednesday
9/2/99 Thursday Laboratory Two: Two Plants with local meaning plus one page report: Michael J. Balick, P.h.D. and Roberta Lee, M.D., lead a laboratory wherein the students have collected three samples of two plants that have cultural, medicinal, or nutritional value to their people.  The students each presented a one page paper on their plants.
9/3/99 Friday 7 Quickie Quiz 1
9/6/99 Monday Protista: Chlorophyta, Phaeophyta, Rhodophyta.
9/8/99 Wednesday
9/9/99 Thursday Lab 3: Cyanobacteria and Fungi
9/10/99 Friday
9/13/99 Monday Bryophytes: Mosses
9/15/99 Wednesday
9/16/99 Thursday Lab 4: Bryophyte and Algae lab
9/17/99 Friday 28 Test 1
9/20/99 Monday Lycopodium
9/22/99 Wednesday 7 Pteridophyta: The ferns
Due: NYBG Internet assignment, local names of Asplenium nidus and Phymatosorus scolopendria.
9/23/99 Thursday 10 Lab 5: Vegetative Morphology and Character: Scanning and HTML
Definitions sheet
Procedure with HTML information
Photos from the lab
9/24/99 Friday 5 Willie Kostika visits, quickie quiz 2
9/27/99 Monday Review quiz. Gymnosperms I
9/29/99 Wednesday Coniferophyta: Ginkophyta, Cycadophyta, Pinophyta, Gnetophyta.
HW: Gymnosperms I
9/30/99 Thursday Lab 6: Floral Morphology
Floral Definitions
Due: Vegetative Morphology
10/1/99 Friday 5
Quickie Quiz 3. World Clean Up: October 1 and 2
HW: Performing a botanical drill down
10/4/99 Monday Angiosperms: Flowering Plants Chapter 23.  Read the chapter!
10/6/99 Wednesday Botanical drill down HW due
10/7/99 Thursday Laboratory midterm This examination is being intentionally preposted!
10/8/99 Friday Midterm exam: Comprehensive
10/11/99 Monday Midterm review
10/13/99 Wednesday 5 Homework assignment: Musaceae drill-down
Who needs a ride from campus on 10/28 to garden? Filomena and Stephan
Chapter 15: Evolution
10/14/99 Thursday Virtual Herbarium Page
Photos of the plants and flowers (those that came out!)
10/15/99 Friday Alcohol Awareness Assembly
10/18/99 Monday Midterm deficiencies due
Chapter 16: Plant Names and Classification
10/20/99 Wednesday Musaceae drill down due
10/21/99 Thursday Seed and fruit lab: Bring seed pods and/or fruit to class!
Fruit definitions Photos of students in the laboratory
10/22/99 Friday Term project area due Quickie Quiz 4
Chapter 3: Page 37-38: Plastids
10/25/99 Monday Holiday
10/27/99 Wednesday Chapter 4: Plant tissues I
10/28/99 Thursday Blast from the Past: The Fall 98 tour
Photos from the 1999 botanical garden tour!
10/29/99 Friday Term project plant selection due
Quickie Quiz 5
Chapter 4: Plant tissues II
11/1/99 Monday Last day withdraw with a W: November 2
Chapter 5: Roots II
11/3/99 Wednesday Holiday
11/4/99 Thursday Ag Trip Follow Up Lab: Working the Web to Produce Reports
Remember to turn in your floral lab work!
11/5/99 Friday Floral lab web page due
Chapter 5: Roots II
Quickie Quiz 6
11/8/99 Monday Holiday
11/10/99 Wednesday Chapter 6: Stems I
11/11/99 Thursday Prepare for the Botany Mountain Hike!
Mountain Hike Research Paper Alternative Assignment
Photos from the hike Selaginella spp. Lycopodium spp.
11/12/99 Friday Test 2: Chapters 15, 16, 3p37, 4, 5, 6.
Virtual Herbarium Page Due from 14 October laboratory
11/15/99 Monday Did you do your leaf shape AND your apice (tip) or margin assignment?
11/17/99 Wednesday
11/18/99 Thursday Mountain Hike Research Paper Alternative Assignment due!
Hike around campus with Bill Raynor in regards invasive species...
11/19/99 Friday Fruit and Seed Lab Excel spreadsheet and graph due
11/22/99 Monday
11/24/99 Wednesday
11/25/99 Thursday
11/26/99 Friday Term project: 29 descriptors on three plants due
11/29/99 Monday
12/1/99 Wednesday
12/2/99 Thursday
12/3/99 Friday Term project due: Three virtual herbarium web pages of three plants.
Descriptor list
Also due: Leaf shape and apice (tip) or margin pages.
12/6/99 Monday
12/8/99 Wednesday
12/9/99 Thursday Lab test
12/10/99 Friday
12/13/99 Monday
12/15/99 Wednesday Last Day Instruction
12/16/99 Thursday Botany final:1620 to 1820

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