Botany Laboratory Field Trip to the Pohnpei Botanic Garden Fall 99

The botany class took a field trip to the Pohnpei Botanic Garden on 28 October 1999.  Many thanks to the Pohnpei Visitors Bureau for access to the garden.  The garden is truly a botanical treasure!  The following are images from the garden field trip.  All pictures were taken during the field trip.   Image tags will appear if roll the mouse over the picture.  Many are marked "UNK" for unknown fruits. If you can identify an unknown fruit, please let know.  The order is roughly in the order we encountered the plants in the garden.



Black Pepper


Eucalpytus deglupta

Star Apple


Cucumber Tree (no cucumbers on it this year)

Bixa orellana

Rubber Tree



Unknown Columnar Tree

Traveller's Palm

Madagascar Palm?

Palm (Unknown)


Student images

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