Abraham Boldon Sagittate--with two basal lobes that point backwards (toward the petiole)
Anson Daphne Reniform -- kidney shaped
Churney Robert Perfoliate--with the petiole appearing to run through the center of the leaf
Ehmes Adino Peltate--with the petiole attached to the center of the underside of the blade
Elias Pelsihner Palmate -- shape created when main veins arise from a single central point
Gelag John Ovate--egg-shaped with the larger end at the bottom towards petiole
Gonzaga Shinmaysin Orbicular--nearly circular in outline
James Loveleen Obovate -- Ovate with wider part towards apical tip
Lebehn Sharon Oblong--tapered to both ends, but with the sides more or less parallel
Palik Alik Oblanceolate -- shaped like the tip of a lance, narrowest at the base and broader towards the apical tip.
Peter Natalia Obcordate -- apical (tip) end has heart-like cleft
Pretrick Silverina Linear--very long and thin, with the sides parallel, as in grasses
Samuel Eleanor Lanceolate--shaped like the tip of a lance, broadest at the base and tapered to a long point
Santos Jansen Hastate--with two basal lobes that point straight out from petiole
Victor Nicholas Elliptic--shaped like an ellipse, tapered at both ends and with curved sides.
Waltu Dalihla Deltoid -- triangular in shape
Sound Franky Cordate--heart-shaped with the wide part at the bottom
Xavier Rufino Awl-- small, spike-like leaves as seen in some gymnosperms and lycopodiums


First Last Lvc: Shape
Due 03 Dec
Lvc: Margin/Apice
Due 03 Dec
LF: Flower
Due 05 Nov
Lvh: Virtual Herb Page
Due 12 Nov
LxL: Excel Spreadsheet Soil Lab TermProjects
Filomina Bruton awl Margins: entire flower Yellow flower Table
Stephan R. Carlos cordate dentate
Joyceann K. Edgar deltoid crenate flower
Shinmaysin Gonzaga elliptical crisped Hymenocallis littoralis
Darlynn Henry hastate lobed blueflower Musa spp.
Graham Henry lanceolate revolute w_trilobata blueflower Spreadsheet Table Cherry
Purple Unknown
Merlina Johnny linear serrate ipomea? Euphorbia Spreadsheet Table Acalypha hispida
Hedychium coronarium
Eugene Joseph lobed doubly serrate Gardenia augusta
Suprina Ladore obcordate serrulate Orchidaceae Dracaena Spreadsheet Table Epischia_cupreata
Ixora casei
Ixora coccinea
Perelini Likiaksa oblanceolate sinuate A. altilis
Selihno Maxin oblong undulate
Rosalynda Nakasone obovate Apices: acute Orchidaceae Dracaena Spreadsheet Table Catharanthus roseus
Tabernaemontana divaricata
Otacanthus caeruleus
John Paul Ori orbicular acuminate flower Jpsel Spreadsheet Table Annona muricata
Magnifera indica
Peter K. Pedrus ovate cuneate euphorbia? Yellow flower Spreadsheet Table Cycads
Franky Peter palmate cordate Spreadsheet Plumeria
Liamson K. Salik peltate mucronate B. orellana
Harry Saul reniform obtuse flower Table
Morthy Solomon sagittate retuse flower Jpsel
Emiso Weilbacher spatulate rounded flower Euphorbia Spreadsheet Table G. globulus



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