Otacanthus caeruleus

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Location Collected: Lehdau, Nett
Collected by: Rosalynda Nakasone

  1. Genus Species: Otacanthus caeruleus
  2. Family: Scrophulariaceae
  3. Chuukese name: None
  4. English name: Brazilian snapdragon
  5. Kosraen name: None
  6. Pohnpeian name: None
  7. Yapese name: None
  8. Growth form: Shrub
  9. Growth location: Terrestial
  10. Growth environment: Cultivated Garden
  11. Growth zone: Tropical
  12. Average height: 124 cm
  13. Stem: Woody, presence of hairs- slightly rough surface, brownish
  14. Leaf arrangement: Opposite
  15. Stipule: Absent
  16. Petioles: No petiole- attached directly to the stem
  17. Leaf blade: Lanceolate, 7 to 7.5 cm long and 3.5 cm wide, acute tip, light green, slightly rough- hairs, serrate, pinnate venation
  18. Inflorescence: Bilabiate, comprised of exactly 4 flowers joined together at common base, pedicel- 3.5 cm, no hairs
  19. Floral bracts: None
  20. Flower: Actinomorphic, blue, raceme arrangement
  21. Calyx: Light green, 5 very small calyxes fused together covering the ovary, no hairs
  22. Corolla: Fused blue corolla with 2 lobes
  23. Stamens: None
  24. Ovary: Inferior, light green, smooth, one carpel or unicarpellate, very small
  25. Style: None
  26. Fruit: None
  27. Seed: None
  28. Anything else: Very strong mint odor, habit- it is easily grown outdoors in a warm climate in any moist and in cool climates- it grows in a sunny conservatory, it propagates from cuttings, and it produces many weak erect branches terminating in a short, bracted spike of flowers

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