Euphorbia spp.  possibly Euphorbia milii cultivar

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Growth form: Shrub

Growth location: Terrestrial

Growth Environment: Outside COM-Library

Growth Zone: Tropical

Average Height: 57 cm

Stem: Alternate branching pattern, brown, thorny to spiny

Leaf Arrangement: Whorled


Petioles: Sessile

Leaf Blade: obovate shape, mucronate to obtuse apex, entire margin, pinnate venation

Inflorescence: Corymb to Panicle, 4 to 8 flowers

Flower: Actinomorphic, Panicle

Calyx: none

Corolla: Two petals, red in color

Stamens: Eight stamens, white in color

Ovary: half inferior

Fruit: none

Seed: none

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Collected by: Emiso Weilbacher and Merlina Johnny