Growth form: Shrub

Growth location: Terrestrial

Growth Environment: Found in front of the administraion building, but grows wild throughout Pohnpei.

Stem: Alternate leaf arrangement, buds evident near the node of a stem, no pubescence, bark is woody at base fleshy stems branch out from there.

Stipule: None present

Petioles: 1" with auxillary buds

Calyx: 5 parts, free, rotate, light green, no pubescence evident

Corolla: 5 parts, free, rotate, yellow, no pubescence evident.

Growth zone: Tropical

Average height: About 4 to 5 meters.

Leaf shape: Deltoid with pointed ends.

Margin type: Serrulate

Inflorescence type: Solitary

Flower shape: Rotate

Flower color: Yellow

Seed or fruit type: Seeds are found in a pod growing out of the pedicel.

Ovary: Inferior

Style: 1", yellow, 4 lobes, yellow.

Collectors: Peter Pedrus & Filomina Burton

Photographed by: Dana Leeling

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