Sehr en Wai

I'll try to explain the best I could about the two plants I collected this weekend. Both of my plants were collected separately and from different areas. These plants are the WEI PWUL and SEIHR.

First, I collected the weipwul outside my house. There is a special reason why it is grown outside our house - mainly for the protection of ghost roaming around the house, superstitious. This plant has been an important source of medicine, especially, for many local people all the way from the roots up to the highest flower. Its roots generates liquids (from bounding or grinding) that are strongly used to cure stomach related aches. Secondly, the fruits from this plant generates the power to degrease diabetes . Lastly, the flowers of this plant also provides an important medicine for sore eyes.

My second plant, the seihr, is also another important plant used economically and medically in this island. Most locals depend on this plant to get their money. Everyday, for instance, children are found walking around with baskets full of "mwaramwar" to sell which is made out of seihr. Additionally, the flower is being used to fill an important ingredient to our popular MARKEISO - coconut oil. This oil protects the skin in many different ways. Lets take, for instance, bounding a sakau. Man must wear this oil to prevent their skin from burning from the radiation of alcohol from the sakau.

In summary, this is all I can explain about the two extraordinary plants I collected.

- Eugene Joseph