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  1. Growth form: Shrub
  2. Growth location: Terrestial
  3. Growth environment: Cultivated Garden
  4. Growth zone: Tropical
  5. Average height: 109 cm
  6. Stem: Alternate branched; Shape: Round; Pubescence: No Hair; Color: Light Brown; Bark characters: Woody
  7. Leaf arrangement: Whorl
  8. Stipule: Absent
  9. Petioles: Presence of sessile instead of a petiole
  10. Leaf blade: Linear shape; yellow green in color; no hair; entire margin
  11. Inflorescence: Panicle type; average # of flowers: None; Pubescence: No Hair; Pedicel length: 0.4 cm
  12. Floral bracts: No Bracts
  13. Flower: Actinomorphic Symmetry
  14. Calyx: No Calyx
  15. Corolla: Five fused petals; Shape: Tubular; size: 3.5 cm; Color: Light Brown; Pubescence: None
  16. Stamens: 5 Anthers; 5 Filaments; Filament lenght: None; Anther shape: Oval; Color: White
  17. Ovary: Position: Inferior; Number of carpels: Five
  18. Style:
  19. Fruit:
  20. Seed:
  21. Anything else: No odor; Habitat:
  22. Cultural usage: Decoration

Suprina Ladore and Rosalynda Nakasone