collectors: John Paul Ori & Morthy Solomon

  1. Growth form: vine
  2. Growth location: terrestrial
  3. Growth environment: forest
  4. Growht zone: Tropical
  5. Average height: stem climbing or twining
  6. Stem: herbaceous, smooth
  7. Leaf arrangement: palmately compound, alternate
  8. Stipule: absent
  9. Petioles: 8-10 inches long
  10. Leaf blade: palmate, 4-6 inches long, acute to acuminate tip, green, smooth
  11. Inflorescence: solitary
  12. Floral bracts: none
  13. Flower: companulate
  14. Calyx: green, seeming to engulf the corolla
  15. Corolla: fused white dashed purple, with small lobes at the top
  16. Stamens: two white purplish, firmly standing stamens engulfed by the corolla
  17. Ovary: inferior
  18. Style: 5-8mm long, white radiance, two lobes
  19. Fruit: Circular, green
  20. Seed: Not observed
  21. Cultural usage: recreational uses, coughing medicine ingredient