Growth form:shrub

Growth location: Terrestrial

Growth Environment: Outside COM-Library

Growth Zone: Tropical

Average Height: 60 cm

Stem: highly branched, red, and smooth

Leaf Arrangement: whorled

Stipule: present

Shape: round

Color: dark violet

Feature: very unusual

Petioles: Present with auxillary bud

Length: 1.5 cm to the leaf blade

Surface: smooth

Leaf Blade: crenate margin, ovate in shape, acute venation, pinnate

Inflorescence: panicle, has 4 branches rebranching from the main axis in the whorl arrangement which often consist of an arrangement of flowers on each branches.

Flower: Zygomorphic, Panicle

Calyx: Does not diffuse, is whole size of a wheat

Corolla: bilabiate, two lipped, petals are purple.

Ovary: half inferior

Fruit: none

Seed: none

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Collected by: Graham Henry and Darlynn Henry