Acalypha hispida

  1. Genus: Acalypha hispida
  2. Family: Euphorbiaceae
  3. Chuukese name:
  4. English name: Chenille Plant, Red-hot Cat's Tail
  5. Kosraean name:
  6. Pohnpeian name:
  7. Yapese name:
  8. Growth form: perennial shrub
  9. Growth location: Terrestrial
  10. Growth environment: cultivated garden, Pahnasang Heights
  11. Growth zone: Tropical
  12. Average Height: 4.5 m
  13. Stem: hairy, brown, multiple branching
  14. Leaf arrangement: alternate, simple leaf
  15. Stipule: none
  16. Petioles: 4 cm long
  17. Leaf blade: dark green, actinomorphic, ovate, hairy, 6 in. long or more, toothed on the margin (serrated)
  18. Inflorescence: spike, hairy, multiple branching flower habit
  19. Floral bracts: none
  20. Flower: velvety bright red flower spikes, tiny flowers lacking petals, hairy,30 t0 50 cm long
  21. Calyx: none
  22. Corolla: none
  23. Stamens: none
  24. Ovary: none
  25. Style: none
  26. Fruit: none
  27. Seed: none
  28. Anything: Native of New Guinea and Indonesia
  29. Cultural usage: none

Collected by: M. Johnny

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