Selaginella kanehirae (?)

[selaginella01.jpg (36663 bytes)][selaginella02.jpg (39146 bytes)][selaginella03.jpg (41353 bytes)]

The above were photographed by Dana Lee Ling on 23 October 1999 on a ridgeline above Pahnsile waterfall in Madolehnihmw at roughly 480 meters in altitude.  Below is specimen brought down and photographed against a blackened pot bottom.

[selaginella05.jpg (34469 bytes)][selaginella04.jpg (31742 bytes)]

Growing in front of home in Nantipw, Lewetik, Nett:

[selaginella.jpg (138155 bytes)]

Plant sources from in front of the Adams' family home in Nett.  May be different from mountain Selaginella, but I would seriously doubt it.  Subtle changes in appearance are likely due to environmental factors.

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